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#215 - ”Got Snacks?” ft. Vending Machine King Marcus Gram

#215 - ”Got Snacks?” ft. Vending Machine King Marcus Gram

July 22, 2022

In the current economic environment, people are looking for additional streams of income. This is a special episode in which we will be discussing vending machines. What makes vending machines special are the low start-up cost associated with starting your business. We thank vending machine veteran, Marcus Gram, for coming onto the show to give his testimony on how we entered into the industry and how he has been able to explode to a nationwide vending machine operation. 

On this episode, the guys and Marcus discuss:

- Marcus' upbringing and what led him to start a vending machine business

- Implementing his sister into a vital position within the business

- The strategy behind buying and stocking your machine

- What triggered Marcus to go from a local operation to multi-city

- Marcus' educational background and other ventures

Quite a few people have been wondering how they can get started with their own vending machine. This is the episode for you!

Marcus Twitter: @Brothergram

Marcus IG: @iambrother_gram

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