CC Smack Podcast
#202 - Run Your Own Race

#202 - Run Your Own Race

January 11, 2022

Welcome to another episode of CC Smack Podcast. We thank all our faithful listeners and new listeners for tuning into the show. We discussed alot of topics during this week's show regarding the current economy and also how investors are reacting to the recent volatility in the market.

You will hear commentary about the following:

- Fed talk about interest rate hikes

- Psychology of a bear market

- Developing the potential given to you by God

- Catching a falling knife

- The cost of inaction in business

In our main segment we talked about how to run your own race. In today's society, there are constant comparisons in various facets of our lives. When you run your own race, you aren't worried about how everyone else is moving. You are solely focused on your progression and performance. We touched on this because we hear people say "I want to be like you" but do people know what trials and tribulations you had to go to, to reach your current status. Tune in to hear about this and much more!

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